How to lose weight without starving? (for women only)

lose weight without starvingWhen I was younger I remember I could eat anything and not 1 pound of fat would stick on me. That’s probably every woman’s dream, right?

I’m well over 40 now (not gonna say how much…) and also gave birth to 2 boys, so losing weight isn’t that easy for my anymore. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. It is, and it isn’t that hard to, you just need a weight loss system that works, that’s sustainable, that doesn’t starv you and you’re on your way to start losing those extra pounds.

Of course there are lots of lose weight programs that promise you results, but fail to deliver.

What was recommended to my by a couple of my friends who’ve had amazing results, is Venus Factor. It’s probably the best weight loss program for women right now.

I didn’t knew about it, but I found a comparison between Venus Factor and Fat Loss Factor, another weight loss program which I used my self but I didn’t get the results I wanted.

VF is a 12 week diet plan which you can easily follow because it’s customized to your own needs. The secret behind Venus Factor’s great results is that the program is so flexibile, this makes it sustainable and easy to go through.

Here are some VF diet program reviews you can watch. These are women who went through the program and ended up losing a lot of extra weight. Without starving themselves.

Julia Scott, from Get Venused one of my close friends, and the person who recommended I give the Venus Factor system a try, has also had amazing results from this program. She ended up losing more than 80 pounds after the 12 weeks.

But I believe the real power of this weight loss system is it’s support community. There are thousands of women in the VF community that always encourage you and motivate you to step up and go through the program.

Oh, and by the way if you want more Venus Factor reviews, you can check’em out here.