What you need to buy before you start potty training your child

potty training suppliesSo… before you get started with potty training your child there some items that you need to have These are essential things if you want the potty training process to go smoothly and get good results.

I recommend you take your child shopping with you when you’re buying toilet training supplies. If you ask parents who’ve already went through this process they’ll more than likely tell you that being prepared is a key factor.

Ok so first things first. You gotta have a potty chair or a potty seat when before you begin the training process. I remember I went for the portable potty seat because it was what my son liked the most. Although if I think about it now I would have gotten something else and it probably wouldn’t have worked the way it did. That’s why I’m telling you take your kid supply shopping with you.

If you’re gonna buy a potty seat you’ll also need a stool on which your child can hop on to reach the toilet seat. You can get a potty seat with a ladder attached and it will work great.

You’re probably going to need a pack of flushable wet wipes, although getting your child used to normal toilet paper is also a good idea.

If you want to finish potty training in 3 days Carol Cline has an amazing course which can help you. She says that the most important thing is to have everything planned out during the 3 days of potty training and everything you need should be there when you need it. Here’s a video with a quick overview of what the 3 day potty training method is all about.

The beauty of this method is that it makes toilet training easy and it works just as good whether your potty training boys or potty training girls.

Back to the shopping list. The next item should be the underwear. Here you should again let your toddler choose which pair to buy. If he gets the ones he likes he will be more motivated to keep them clean.

Also a couple of easy to take of pants or clothing would be very handy. It’s frustrating for your child not going in the potty just because he didn’t pull his or her pants down fast enough.

I wouldn’t recommend starting potty training at night before your child masters day time potty training but if you want to do it make sure you also get a water-proof mattress cover.

Rewards. Yes potty training rewards work amazingly well, it’s just a matter of how well you know your child and know what it is that would motivate him to do anything. Toilet training charts work great, sweets, there are targets boys can aim when peeing.

All in all just make sure you have everything ready. Potty training is easy as long as you’re prepared for it and know exactly what you’re getting in.